Judicial Oversight Commission

The Judicial Oversight Commission’s (JOC) objective shall be to enforce the obligation of judges to observe high standards of conduct while safeguarding their right to decide cases independently. The JOC will not act as an appellate court. It will not review judicial decisions or alleged errors of law, nor will it issue advisory opinions, give legal advice or represent litigants. By offering a forum for members with conduct-related complaints, and by disciplining those judges who transgress ethical constraints, the JOC seeks to insure confidence in the integrity and honor of the judiciary.

Judicial Oversight Commissioners:
Kurt Fetter, Chair
Penny Coleman
Martha Montour

TCR 2011-44 to Establish a Judicial Oversight Commission

TCR 2014-02 To Adopt The Code Of Judicial Conduct

If you have a complaint for the Judicial Oversight Commission, please complete the Judicial Oversight Commission Complaint Form (CLICK HERE) and submit it to boardscommissions@srmt-nsn.gov or drop off the form at the IonkwakiohkwarĂł:ron Tribal Administration Building.

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Need to speak with us?

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